Thursday, 28 February 2013

1,2,3,4 Days Amboseli National Park Tour from Nairobi

Fun and Exciting Amboseli National Park Tour Safari Excursions

Amboseli National Park Kili View
The Amboseli national park is located 240 km south west of Nairobi capital city and is one of the best Nairobi day tours. The park is located near the Tanzanian border and right below the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro. Amboseli park tour is offered as a group trip or a private package for 2 persons or more for 1, 2, 3, 4 days safari to Amboseli.

What are the attractions in an Full Day Amboseli National Park Tour?

Amboseli national park is known for its excellent views of mt Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro is also called the ‘roof of Africa’. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is a very picturesque sight in Amboseli. You have the best views of Kilimanjaro summit from the Amboseli national park and you can be able to take photos of this majestic ice capped mountain peak early in the morning. The view of Kilimanjaro from Amboseli Park is just breathtaking.

Elephant Safari in 1 Day Amboseli National Park Tour

Elephants in Amboseli National Park Tour
Amboseli national park tour is also renowned for the over 1200 elephants that can be seen around the swamps in the park. The elephants love to wade and swim in the cool fresh waters from the Kilimanjaro ice caps. You can be among 200 elephants at a given time in Amboseli national park. Amboseli is the only place you can see elephants near Nairobi.

Which Animals to see in your One Day Amboseli National Park Tour?

Amboseli day tour also has many other animals including the lions, cheetahs, hippos, buffalos, elephants, gazelles, hyenas, leopards, wildebeests, zebra, jackals, mongoose, elands and many others. The Amboseli day trip also offers you a chance to see over 400 species of birds including blacksmith plovers, bush shrikes, go away birds, wagtails, African crested cranes, African martial eagle, hadada ibis, sacred ibis, Egyptian geese, yellow billed stork, goliath heron, kori bustard, secretary bird, marabou stork, bee-eater, martial eagle, kingfisher, great white pelican. 

Lake Amboseli Mirages in your Amboseli National Park Day Trip Tour

Giraffe Tour to Amboseli National Park
Another big attraction in your Amboseli national park tour is the lake Amboseli. This is a seasonal lake which has water in the wet season and dry and patched in the hot season. The lake is known for its blue simmering water mirages that it produces which tricks animals to cross the expansive lake bed following the water to their peril. 

The Amboseli national park tour is one of the most visited parks from Nairobi for a day trip. The Amboseli day safari is offered from 6am in the morning and returns at 7pm. The tour includes a 5hr game drive in the park and it’s all inclusive of park entrance fees, services of a driver guide, picnic lunch, transport in a safari van with a guaranteed window seat, bottled water and pick up and drop off in your hotel or house in Nairobi.

The Nairobi one day tour to Amboseli is provided by Sojourn Safaris from Nairobi in any day. You can contact Robert on his cell phone +254722661827 or visit their website and book an Amboseli day tour here: Amboseli National Park Tour